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Our Story

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...The Beginning

From 2011-2013 founder Sierra owned an organic cosmetic store and salon called "Life is Good Naturally." After two years she and her husband Freddy decided to move to California with hopes of reestablishing themselves and the business in San Diego. Realizing that the natural market was oversaturated, they returned to New Jersey to save money, finish the few semesters they had left of College, and get married surrounded by friends and family. They planned for the wedding, graduation, and the new business simultaneously, expecting it all to go in that perfect order.

But on November 9th, 2016, their home burned down while they were returning from their honeymoon. Their beloved two year old dog and flower girl Cambria, cat Batman, and bearded dragon were trapped in the fire. Minutes after their plane landed, Cambria was pulled out, but unfortunately it was too late, and none of their pets made it.

Many days the couple felt handicapped by sadness. They found peace in Nature and through fostering many puppies for nearby organizations. During this time they were able to connect with the desires and dreams they had for the future, which helped them get passed the past. 

They decided to make stickers you can find

find at Cammy's Shop, along with the *Animal Friends* design created to promote Animal Welfare and Cruelty Free living. 

..The Present..

When they had to start all over, they continued to plan, but their dreams morphed into something that would allow them to do so much MORE- for more animals and more people! They began hosting events and fundraisers and all donations received went to establishing Cambria's Haven Cat Cafe and 

Community Center. 

Cambria's Haven is a safe space that is a comfortable cafe for both people and cats. It's a Cat Shelter that does not use cages, and has coffee and couches instead. Cats are able to roam freely and people donate to visit and sit with them. Some come to adopt a cat, others just enjoy the coffee and cat hugs. Cats at Cat Cafes are adopted exponentially more often and more quickly than cats at standard shelters!

Cambria's Haven is also a Community Center hugely dedicated to uniting and connecting people while encouraging the support of local talent. 

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Our Future...

*We will continue to update everyone via blog and social media as Cambria’s Haven grows! 

*Cambria's Haven will continue to host events and festivals for fundraising, artists and vendors, classes, performances and shows, games and activities, arts and crafts, volunteering and other opportunities to raise awareness and educate others about human and animal rights.

*We will add items to the store and eventually have all of your basic Cruelty Free & Ethically Sourced needs!

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*We will use only Cruelty Free products, sourced organically/locally/small shop whenever possible. Materials will be 100% recyclable and whenever possible, bio degradable. 

*We will begin fostering and connecting with committed foster homes in order to expand Cambria's Haven and save more animals!

We Need Y O U !

Thanks so much for reading our story! If you feel a connection to our organization, please click here to find out how you can support Cambria's Haven.

How to Help