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Welcome to Our Blog!

December 2019 - Present 

We're at the Final stages of getting Cambria's Haven Cat Cafe and Community Center Open in Roselle Park, NJ! Click here to read all about the startup process, current updates, and more!

Year 4

March 2017- 

April 2018

Year 1

Featuring Blogs of us getting started. As we travelled across the country we decided to really do this! We considered where we should commit to and all of the steps it would take us to make it. Read why Cambria's Haven Will Always be Cruelty Free & Vegan, and the items we hope to gradually add to our shop. You'll find our first Fundraisers to the first Urban Renaissance, as well as interviews with everyone we collaborated with all year. And of course- Many visits to other Cat Cafes!

April 2018- 

March 2019

Year 2

The Official Urban Renaissance Blogs 1 and 2 are here. The best part is we finally found a Shelter to Partner with us and now that we are teamed up with Final Hope Rescue- our Dreams are possible! Read about more of our events and the talented individuals who help us create such an amazing time. Features Sierra's graduation and why she got her Real Estate license quickly after. We talk about how lovely Summer of 2018 was to us and get right into the interviews for The Urban Renaissance 3. And of course, more Cat Cafe visits and consistent updates of our progress as well as our shortcomings. 

March 2019 

- October 2019

Year 3

This year, most blogs revolved around updates and season wrap ups. Like buying our First Home and so much more!  Here you'll also find the rest of the interviews for artists of The Urban Renaissance 3 and a complete Blog all about the events' awesome turn out! Find All interviews with Artists from The Urban Renaissance 4, and Stay tuned for a Blog all about how we Collectively Created a Real Festival right Here at Home! +Plus tons of Pictures and Videos! Be back SO SOON! <3